At the end of each month (tomorrow), I announce on our Facebook page the winner of our Monthly Practice Contest. Also announced is our Student of the Month and Teacher of the Month. These incentive programs are things that you should be reminding your students and, if possible, their parents about on a weekly basis. 

  • The easiest contest of the three is the MONTHLY PRACTICE CONTEST. The only thing the student needs to do is enter and be eligible is record practice time using their practice timer in TeacherZone. When you get a new student, one of the things you should do is talk to them about TeacherZone. During the first few weeks with this new student, you should show them how to login to TeacherZone and how to use the functions of the app including the practice timer. The parents are given the login at registration. The student may not know their login, but the parents were sent an email containing this information. You just need to teach them that it is also used for the students and their app. 
  • The STUDENT OF THE MONTH contest has some required steps. One of which is a teacher nominating them for the contest each month. We are now at the end of February and so far Ms. Morgan and I are the only teachers who have nominated students. Everyone needs to participate in these things. Among other things, this is a great tool for student engagement, practice, marketing, and retention. You should be nominating at least a handful of students each month. Whether or not they do the rest of the things is up to them. (Here is a link of the required steps) (Here is the nomination Form)

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THESE PROGRAMS OR NEED SOME GUIDANCE, please ask. We will have some additional training for this at our next staff meeting. In the mean time, let’s make sure we are engaging our students with these opportunities. 
January & February brought us much to celebrate and Fishers Music Academy was out in the community spreading the love of music in a variety of ways: H

Here is Mr. Ryan at Brooks School Elementary School Math & Science Night.

Here is Ms.Olivia representing Fishers Music Academy at an event hosted by the Fishers Arts Council. 

Ms. Morgan won our first ever Teacher Of The Month Award

Delaney won our first Student Of The Month Award

Ethan won our first Monthly Practice Contest

Ms. LeeAnn and Ms. Ashley provide much needed sub coverage and continued to inspire their students. 

I am really proud of all of you and grateful for your hard work. The growth of our studio says a lot about who you are and what we offer our students. Keep it up!

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